COLUMN: Conservatives waking up to fight the woke –


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I recently flew over to England for a few days. Sitting on the plane, I got thinking about the current state of conservatism in America.When I first arrived in the USA, the liberty movement seemed to be in a mess. Donald Trump had just lost the White House to a radical progressive. Certain U.S. states had lurched to the far left, and a number of once-solidly conservative states were looking wobbly.Fast-forward to today, and a revival of the conservative movement is under way across the country.Parent power has become a force to be reckoned with as moms and dads in states like Virginia rise up against leftist control of their children’s classrooms.Support for conservative values is now polling remarkably well with middle-class Asian and Hispanic Americans. The federal government hosed $2 trillion extra at the economy last year, but that failed to produce growth (the economy shrank in the first three months of this year). It did produce higher prices, making millions of Americans poorer.Confronted by economic problems, the liberty movement needs to set out a recovery roadmap for America to follow based on lower taxes and less government. Here in Mississippi, conservatives have led the way delivering the largest tax cut in our state’s history.For decades, the left has relentlessly attacked and undermined so many of the things about America that we hold dear. Heroic figures from the past have been traduced for not holding identical opinions to those alive today. Statues have been toppled and young Americans have been taught that their country is always wrong.Yet even against the wave of the “woke,” we are seeing conservatives getting organized and defending the things that make American so extraordinary.Conservative historians and thinkers are starting to speak out. The absurdity of woke ideology is being exposed. A bill we passed to combat Critical Race Theory in our state has become a model that other states are using. Big-tech platforms have censored conservatives. A small clique of 20-something hipsters in California have tried to control the conversation across America.Once again, things seem to be about to change. Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter, promising to ensure free speech. The progressives seem poised to lose their unfair online advantage.In short, the American conservative movement is really starting to get its act together. Battles that looked hopeless can be won.Long years of defeat and retreat are over. A conservative revival is on the cards. And as I return to the USA, I am so thrilled that the Mississippi Center for Public Policy is playing its part!

Douglas Carswell is president and CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy
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