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There was a headline that caught my attention on Gateway Pundit: “Racist Sunny Hostin of ‘The View’ Lectures Guest Host Saying ‘Black Republicans are an Oxymoron’ and She Doesn’t ‘Understand Black and Latino Republicans.’” Gateway offers a lot of red meat on the website, so I don’t always expect that the article that follows will be a full and fair disquisition of what happened. But this article was a pretty straightforward statement of what The View cast member Sunny Hostin had to say:
ABC’s The View host Sunny Hostin gave racist and disparaging remarks to Lindsey Granger, a black Republican, saying “black Republicans are an oxymoron,” and she didn’t “understand” Black or Latino Republicans during Friday’s broadcast.
Hostin, who is an attorney and whose career as prosecutor and Court TV analyst, is no dummy. But somehow being cast on The View seems to lower one’s IQ. But often what appears to be unintelligent is in reality a very different frame for seeing life. And so it appears with Ms. Hostin.
She seems to have really bought into the four basic tenets of Critical Race Theory: Everything is to be seen through the lens of race. White people are inherently and irredeemably racist. All institutions that were started by white people are racist. Only white people can be racist. With this frame in mind, the Republican Party was started by white people and is therefore racist. (The fact that the Democratic Party was also started by white people and actually enacted Jim Crow laws and opposed the Civil Rights Act seems to escape her.) Why would any black person want to be associated with the Republican Party, she thinks. She doesn’t “understand” Black or Latino Republicans because she can’t leave her CRT frame.
There is a fifth unstated tenet of CRT: Any inconsistency between logic and a CRT-framed assertion is to be resolved in favor of CRT dogma. Otherwise complete and total segregation would be the answer and white liberals would not be followed and supported by people of color.
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