Putin: just like in 1945 victory will be ours


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even more so when you realise that the US didn't completely mobilize their economy for war

Depends on how you look at it. Sure, they were still producing consumer goods, but foreign wars always have two fronts: the foreign conflict zone, and the domestic population. If the US had shifted 100% of it's capacity to gearing up for war, the domestic economy would've suffered greatly and possibly turned the populace against the war. Even as it was there were shortages and rationing, but overall the domestic population wasn't suffering in the extremely in order to dedicate everything to the war.

Also, things like ice cream and chocolate might seem trivial during a war, but these things were done because it was believed to be with the cost for the morale boost. "A little taste of home" to keep them remembering what they were fighting for, and that they weren't forgotten even as they fought over a patch of beach in a country they had never been to before, an ocean away from everyone they knew.

So yeah, you could definitely say the US didn't fully mobilize for war in the same way that other countries did, but you could also look at it as a different type of war economy mobilization. Sure, they built tanks, fighters, ships, and bullets for the war effort, but also ramped up things back home to produce luxury goods to help morale, as well as consumer goods to help keep the domestic population happy and supportive of such a ridiculously large operation. Without the latter, would the support have remained high enough to keep producing those tanks, or boots for Soviet allies, or millions of tons of steel and concrete to create a floatable harbor for the invasion of France?

Edit: Actually, I'd have to look into it more to see if the US contributed the materials for Mulberry harbours or not. Even if they didn't though, there were countless other projects spearheaded by Americans or that used material through the Lend-Lease program that ultimately originated from the American economy.

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