Putin’s actions in Ukraine bring shame on Russia, says G7 | Russia


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What they did at the end of ww2 is disgusting. I don't know how Russian can celebrate anything on May 9th.

Russians are celebrating because one of the bloodiest wars in Russian history ended then. Do you think Hitler's troops handed out sweets to children, and women were taken to discos?

More than 20 million dead. 13.6 million among the civilian population, of which 7.4 million were deliberately destroyed, more than 2 million people died in forced labor in Germany from hunger, overwork and ill-treatment. You do not want to give these figures?

Mass murders, rape, torture, brutal occupation, extermination of Jews, concentration camps, including children (if you are interested, google Salaspils children's concentration camp), mass transfers of civilians to Germany for slave labor. Have you heard anything about the blockade of Leningrad?

The blockade of Leningrad is the bloodiest blockade in the history of mankind, when over 640 thousand people died from starvation and shelling. Do you know that some people had to eat corpses to survive?

Do you remember these atrocities of the (German) troops, or are you deliberately pretending that you don’t know? In your opinion, the Soviet army came and unmotivated "made horrors."

But you have enough cynicism to mock the victims of Nazism and Hitler and ask "what do they celebrate in general." You just spat in the face of all the victims of Hitler: Jews, Russians, Americans, French, British and many others.

For example, in the region where I live, the SS created such horrors that, as one English reporter told me, when a BBC correspondent transmitted a report to London, they did not immediately believe that people could do such horrors: the Germans burned people alive, doused with cold water in the cold, etc.

What do you think the moral state of the Soviet army was when, while liberating the territories, it saw devastation, corpses, tortured people, raped women? This does not justify war crimes, of course. But you're talking about the crimes of the Soviet army. Have you heard anything about the bombing of Dresden by the British and Americans in 1945, when the city was practically destroyed, despite the civilian population? What about the US bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Why? Yes, for the same reason that the soldiers saw the pain that Hitler's troops (and Japanese) inflicted, and "feelings and pain clouded their eyes."

Sorry, I don't know how cynical you have to be to ask "what do Russians celebrate?" This is not a "holiday", this is a day of mourning. In every Russian family there were victims of Hitler.

EDIT: The "votes down" under this comment is a census of those who justify Hitler's crimes.

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