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Jack Batson: On the LeftLies! The nation’s politics and its democracy are dying under a volcanic eruption of outright lies, an avalanche of deceit.
“Folks, let me be very clear tonight: The election in 2020 was rigged and stolen,” David Perdue declared in a GOP primary debate for Georgia’s next governor.
The hoi polloi might believe Trump’s Big Lie but politicians who understand elections know the truth. Perdue was previously a senator. He knows that what the attorney general said, what Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy admitted, and what 60 judges confirmed was true. The election was clean. It’s impossible to rig a national election.
But if your goal is power at all costs, you’ll troll the bottom and say anything. Truth is for suckers, not winners.
Yes, there once was a time when Kevin McCarthy spoke the truth about Jan. 6, 2021. He gave a hot speech in Congress against the president (as did McConnell). Then, four days later, still shaken, he told fellow Republicans he would ask Trump to resign.
But in one of the most blatant instances of political cowardice ever, he reconsidered. His burning desire to become House speaker somehow won out. He flew to Florida to kiss Trump’s ring.
When confronted with that comment about asking for Trump’s resignation, he said it was “totally false and wrong.” (Even when he was confronted with the recorded sound of his own voice.)
For his lie, the GOP caucus gave him a standing ovation.
The only Republicans in the House who openly challenge the Big Lie, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, are ostracized by their weaker colleagues.
Now we’ve seen three Trump-appointed Supreme Court judges dissembled at their confirmation hearing claiming support for Roe vs. Wade. “Dissemble” means “lie.”
And let’s be honest; silent Republicans are aiding and abetting the lies. To them, politics and survival are more important than truth and democracy. They tremble under the potential attack of the Chief Liar. No Republican stands foursquare for the truth. To the Grand Old Party, power is supreme.
Need more proof? J.D. Vance, the celebrated author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” once a Never Trumper, joined the Trump cult in the Ohio race for the Senate, recklessly attacking “government” by declaring that if re-elected, Trump should fire every federal official.
How’s that for fire-breathing? Trump embraced his run and lo! Ohio Republicans ate it up. He won the GOP nomination last week.
How can we remain a democratic nation when one party constantly lies? Voters must be presented with the truth in order to make wise decisions. Every event can have its own interpretations – good/bad, wise or foolish, but if one side tells lies then the nation loses through ignorance. Truth is bedrock.
There are simply no “radical-left” Democratic Party equivalents to the lies pouring forth from the Republican side.
This fall we will be presented with a catalog of Republican lies. Critical Race Theory is rampant in “government schools,” gay and transgender kids are endangering your kids, Democrats are weak on pedophilia; they want to cancel out conservatives, or defund the police. School textbooks are “grooming” your kids for pedophilia or worse.
Lies, all lies.
Given the extraordinary propaganda campaign being waged by the vast right-wing media scream machine against normal truth, I’m not at all sure our democracy will survive.
I wait with dread to see how Fox and its countless imitators across the nation will spin the coming report from the Jan. 6 committee. To any honest observer, it’s clear by now the insurrection came within a breath of overturning our democracy and Trump himself was knee-deep in the planning. It will be dismissed as a “witch hunt.”
If the GOP gains the House this fall, the committee will be dismissed and Congress will gridlock once again. We wouldn’t want the government to serve our common citizens, would we? No, its proper role is to support our obscenely wealthy oligarchs. All else is “socialism,” another Big Lie.
A vote for any Republican is a vote for deceit and white supremacist autocracy.
Jack Batson is a former member of the Fairfield City Council. Reach him by email at [email protected].

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