Day: May 10, 2022

Republicans vow to make federal funding for states and localities conditional on actually enforcing the law – The Post Millennial


A new memo released by the Republican Study Committee has outlined the group of House conservatives’ stance on law-and-order legislation, which would actively fight states that tend towards soft-on-crime actions.The memo, obtained by RealClearPolitics, was released just six months before the midterm elections, where a large number of…

Letters to the editor | Letters To Editor | – Leader-Telegram


Updates should include farm roadsConcerning the redoing of U.S. 12, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation caters to tourists, businesses and cities, but where are the turnouts for the large farm equipment on the the highways they’re redoing?Drivers scold farmers when they’re stuck behind large, slow-moving farm vehicles, yet…

Democrats Want to Raise Your Kids. Republicans Fight for Parental Rights | Opinion – Newsweek


Joe Biden’s education secretary, Miguel Cardona, claimed he hasn’t “heard…an appetite” for parental involvement in students’ education. Just a day earlier, Biden told teachers, “They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when you’re in the classroom.” Apparently, Democrats are either clueless or just ignoring the outrage erupting…