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Updates should include farm roadsConcerning the redoing of U.S. 12, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation caters to tourists, businesses and cities, but where are the turnouts for the large farm equipment on the the highways they’re redoing?Drivers scold farmers when they’re stuck behind large, slow-moving farm vehicles, yet DOT makes no effort to update highways and roads to update them. When they redo them — such as the Highway 64 project in Marinette County — why is it always after someone is injured or killed and then they remodel it or improve it again? Why not do it correctly the first time?Wisconsin farmers contribute billions of dollars in the economy and yet when it comes to projects like these they’re overlooked. Wake Up.Joe PiontkowskiCrivitzGetting back to realityIt’s time for injections of reality into political crazy talk. First, President Biden is not responsible for inflation any more than the former President was when it occurred on his watch. Inflation occurs when too much money is chasing too few goods. When the pandemic impacted supplies and the supply chain, the natural consequence was inflation. As those conditions change, so will the inflation, as painful as it is right now. There is light at the end of that tunnel!Second, critical race theory is not being taught anywhere except perhaps in a few law schools. When you can’t even define critical race theory, how can you ban it? How would you even recognize it if it were staring you in the face? Racism is now and for a long time has been part of American life. Every time I say the pledge of allegiance (and I still do), I focus on the final words: “…with liberty and justice for all.” That is our aspiration and our hope, as we struggle to make it real. I love my country, warts and all! Let’s not lie to our children.It’s time to call a lie a lie. Pitch these political lies away. They are “red herrings” to distract the electorate from what is really happening, what we should really be doing. You can see what Putin is doing in Russia. How is that different from what some political crazies are doing here: lying to people, manipulating them to violent acts, and then acting as if they are innocent victims of “those socialists,” “those radicals”?I am tired of this “us vs. them” power game. There is no “them,” only “us.” We had better become busy solving our problems in an adult way and not like grade school bullies on a playground.Nick SmiarEau ClaireLetter to the Supreme CourtRegarding Alito’s recent draft decision on abortion: 1. Consider that more than 80% of the country now uses contraception. Abortion has become a necessity to a wide range of American women, particularly the poor, for reasons of their own choosing.2. The Alito draft becomes a social bludgeoning of all women’s rights to choose what happens to their bodies.3. Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett were all selected by minority presidents who had a very minority view toward women’s rights and abortion.4. In Gorsuch’s case, Obama’s choice for Supreme Court, a president of the people, was rejected by Mitch McConnell indicating it was late in his Presidency. Kavanaugh’s appointment was let slide without full investigation by the FBI, and Barrett’s nomination was rushed through when the people voted for Joe Biden. (None of the above was honest enough to recognize the wrong and refuse the nomination.) Thomas’s wife was involved in the insurrection attempt, which makes him questionable as a Supreme Court Judge.5. The current Supreme Court has the lowest poll numbers in my lifetime. (81 years.)Along with your stance on voting rights, if you overturn Roe V. Wade, you will earn revulsion.Your job is about the betterment of society, not its destruction.Charles KwickEau Claire

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