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TO THE EDITOR: A recent fund raising letter to donors makes it clear that Congresswoman Stefanik has turned into an unabashed, MAGA right wing radical who doesn’t accept the result of the last election, fully embraces the disgraced former president, doubles down on her opposition to public health measures and sees any opponents as socialists, communists and Marxists.Not exactly the bipartisan moderate she’s has always claimed to be.The mailing features a picture of her with Mr. Trump. In it she touts the creation of a “MAGA-Stefanik National Advisory Board,” her role as “an aggressive pro-Trump fighter,” and her friendship with the former President who helped instigate a violent attack on our Capitol.
The mailing demonstrates her disingenuous assertions of various made up crises. She repeats the silly and strange claim that “...Marxism (like critical race theory)...” is infiltrating the public schools, though there isn’t one school district in the entire country that teaches advocacy of either of those unrelated concepts.The letter skirts around her legislative failures. Stefanik is one of the least productive members of Congress, authoring only two successful bills over her seven years, for a commemorative coin and renaming a post office.She opposed all of the infrastructure and economic recovery legislation passed under the Biden Administration, though in recent mailings and press releases she falsely takes credit for the millions of dollars from those bills flowing into upstate New York.Congresswoman Stefanik seems to believe no one is paying attention. Let’s hope she’s wrong about that.ROD DRISCOLLPeru

TO THE EDITOR: The Advocacy and Resource Center is honored to have received the Community Fire Safety Award from the South Plattsburgh Fire Department.We were celebrated for being a community-based organization that has great safety practices. This award resulted from our internal response to a fire that occurred at one of our residences in August 2021, where staff acted quickly to remove people from the home.The fire was quickly extinguished and the South Plattsburgh Fire Department provided us with great praise for all the preparation and training we have done over the years and congratulated us on being ahead of the curve when it comes to fire safety.We are so thankful to the South Plattsburgh Fire Department for their quick response and assistance during this unfortunate situation. We are also very thankful to all other fire departments and First Responders in Clinton County that have helped us with other emergent situations during our 68 years as an agency.We have an essential workforce of over 700 employees that provides vital programs and services to over 700 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the North Country. We are very proud of our dedicated and trained staff, and people supported, for knowing what to do in an emergency; their safety and well-being is our highest priority.We are also so appreciative of all of our community partners that help us achieve our mission of supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live rich, full, safe and healthy lives.The past two years of the pandemic have made the importance of our community partners even more evident. Thank you to all of the community members, businesses and organizations that assist and support us every day.ROBIN PIERCEExecutive Director MERRILEE HAMLIN President Advocacy and Resource Center Plattsburgh

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