Ukraine mocked Russia’s ‘Victory Day’ by holding a ‘parade’ of captured Russian tanks


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Vladimir Putin gave a Threat today to Russia "they should stop Supplying Ukraine with weapons and tanks or there might be a Nuclear answer ! "

i can already see it.

i give it 2 weeks and then suddenly putin speaks about traitors at every corner and thats why they lost.

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Because once Putin dies appealing to the west is going to be a get rich quick card as sanctions will go down and investments will flow in.

Sure there might be an even crazier leader next but I find it unlikely as there is only so much you can steal from a country without trade.

Also unlike places like Africa or North Korea - people are used to having a "decent" life, so they won't be happy with even worse conditions.

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Yeah and some people think the earth is flat.

Until he either suddenly drops dead or we see some leaked documents it's kind of pointless to speculate.

And with the amount of money he has even a terminal illness can probably be kept at bay for a few years more at least so I wouldn't count on a quick resolution on this one unfortunately.

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"The West was preparing for the invasion of Russia.”

I mean, that’s just a bald-faced lie.

NATO’s imminent Russian invasion plans must be sitting in the same bunker as Saddam’s “for America” inscribed WMDs and those Jewish space lasers.

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