Germany Speeds Up The Process To Legalize Recreational Cannabis


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We actually never really step away from feudalism, it's just wearing different clothes. At least in the US, most people are still a type of serf under an empire (country) which consists of many kingdoms (states). These kingdoms has many different level of nobles (CEOs, CFOs, etc), merchant groups (Corporations), etc.

Policing and criminalizing is a theatric to assert control on people and making sure that no one is taking away from their "old" claim.

The method to do this is to devalue the currency where only those who hoarded enough in the pass can survive comfortably. Those who would have a chance to challenge their power (the population), must be cut down through inner fighting (hyper-polarizing politic), or have their only legitimate power (vote) taken away either through threats, incarceration, policing, financial hardship.

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