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Primaries for the 2022 elections in South Carolina will be held June 14 as voters whittle down Republican and Democratic candidates ahead of the general election on Nov. 8.Voters can participate in any one party's primary in South Carolina, which does not provide registration by party.If no candidate wins more than 50% of the vote in the race for an office, a runoff will be held on June 28, and voters who participated in that party's primary will be eligible to vote in the runoff.Visit to register to vote, check eligibility, view sample ballots and find polling places. Voters must register at least 30 days in advance of an election to vote in it.Spartanburg County Council: Hear from the candidates in three contested Republican primariesThe information below is provided by the Spartanburg Herald Journal as a service to our readers. The information was provided by the candidates, except what was found in background checks. Responses have been edited with respect to space and clarity. Reporting like this would not be possible without our subscribers. Please subscribe by visiting House of Representatives, District 36 (contested)Candidate: Rob Harris/RepublicanLocation: WellfordAge: 34Occupation:  Registered NurseTop issues: Life. The most important and fundamental issue we face in our nation, state and the 36th district is the right to life. Our founding fathers were correct in those original documents when they acknowledged our rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Respect for the sanctity of life is foundational. I'm an operating room nurse. I am committed to save and preserve life, not take it. I will fight hard to protect the unborn and I will never vote to fund Planned Parenthood.What are your plans if elected? The specific issue that I will work on will include these: Election Integrity – we must have free and fair elections with unquestioned accountability.Legal Immigration Only – every state is becoming a border state and we're being invaded.Protecting God-given genders – God made man and woman, enough said.Fixing Our Roads.Put parents in charge – parents should decide where and how their children are educated, not bureaucrats. I am opposed to teaching Critical Race Theory or other liberal propaganda in our schools.Medical Freedom – right to refuse treatment or vaccine and 'right to try treatments.Why should residents vote for you? I’m a Christian, happily married to my wife for 36 years, am a father and a grandfather. I appreciate the simple values of watching our children grow and welcoming friends for fellowship around the dinner table. I'm a small-scale hobby farmer who likes to build things, shoot guns and play music.I’ve worked as a registered nurse for 27 years. I’ve seen first-hand that life is precious and that we cannot measure it in years alone, but in how we affect those around us. Every day, my work is guided by a concept called “best practice” where my team and I must constantly re-evaluate care based on what produces the best outcomes for the patient.Candidate: Rita Allison/Republican (incumbent)Location: LymanAge: 80Occupation: Communications (retired) What are the top issues facing the people you will represent? A quality education for all students so they can be prepared to bring about  their own quality of life. Economic development so we provide those jobs and careers for our young people and those re-skilled. Fair tax structure. Safety of our county and stateWhat are your plans if you were elected? I will work to keep more money in the hands of the citizens, work to keep restrictive regulations from hindering small businesses, continue to improve education opportunities for students and parents., and safe guard the rights of all citizens.Why should residents vote for you? I have worked hard for a seat at the table and a voice in the SC House for those I represent. I have listened and worked  daily for the people of District 36. I am honored to be the first Republican woman to serve as chair of one of the six major committees in the SC House. I have the experience, dedication, and time to serve .. I serve with a servant's heart and only the people's agenda.State House of Representatives, District 32 (unopposed) Candidate: Max Hyde/Republican (incumbent) Location: Spartanburg Age: 48Occupation: LawyerTop issues: More and better jobs. Less government. Higher quality of life. Lower cost of living.What are your plans if elected? Continue to grow the economy and provide excellent constituent service. Continue to promote and advocate for SpartanburgWhy should residents vote for you?  I am currently serving a second term in the SC House of Representatives. Thank you for allowing the privilege. My goals are (1) to help provide more and better jobs and (2) to limit government. We have seen record economic growth in Spartanburg and in South Carolina, and I have been vigilant in defending the life, liberty, and property of our citizens. I strive always to provide excellent constituent service in a prompt, professional, and effective manner; and I strive always to stand up for Spartanburg. State House of Representatives, District 34 (unopposed)         Candidate: Roger Nutt/Republican (incumbent) Age: 54Location: MooreOccupation: EngineerTop issues: People in District 34 want to be free to live and work as they choose without a great deal of intrusion from their government. Maximum Freedom, minimum government/taxes.What are your plans if you were elected? I will continue to vote for personal freedoms while safeguarding our way of life in this beautiful country in west Spartanburg.Why should residents vote for you? Growing up here for over 54 years, I have been able to show that I am true to my word and I am going to do what I say. When you have mutual trust as neighbors, people know what to expect and can be confident in the outcome. Our residents want a representative that will stand up for our way of life and work hard to ensure that their voice is heard. We work hard every day to make that happen.State House of Representatives, District 33 (contested)Candidate: Travis A Moore/Republican (incumbent) Age: 42Location: RoebuckOccupation: LawyerWhat are the top issues facing the people you will represent? One of the top issues continuing to face our community is the need to repair, improve and expand infrastructure to meet the needs of the recent economic growth in the area. We must ensure that taxpayer dollars are being fairly distributed to communities across the state while also ensuring that there is oversight and accountability on how these funds are being spent. Another important issue is improving early childhood education and securing parental rights in the education of their children. We as a state must continue to find ways to ensure that more dollars go straight to the classroom while at the same time exploring opportunities that give parents more options in the education of their children.What are your plans if you were elected? I plan to continue to be an effective leader for our community in Columbia. I am a representative who understands that individuals cannot accomplish much on their own. It takes relationships to build consensus and achieve large-scale legislative priorities. I plan to continue to work with other leaders from around the state to find conservative solutions for issues like infrastructure, education and tax reform. While compromise on some issues is essential, I also understand that we must continue to defend the values that make our community such a great place to live and raise a family.Why should residents vote for you? I have a proven record of being an effective leader in Columbia. In my first term I kept the promises I made during my campaign and I have delivered on those promises. I voted for income tax cuts on all South Carolinians, I voted to strengthen election integrity, I voted for law enforcement pay raises, I voted to protect life and to secure our 2nd Amendment rights and I helped defend our liberties from federal overreach. I have been responsive to constituent issues and helped countless neighbors and friends with issues involving state agencies. Finally, I have built relationships and established a reputation in Columbia that make me an effective representative for both the constituents of House District 33 and Spartanburg County as a whole. I look forward to building on this experience and continuing to serve great people of our community.Candidate: Bill DeVore/Republican Age: 59Location: SpartanburgOccupation: AnesthesiologistWhat are the top issues facing the people you will represent? Columbia has grown too big for its britches. We must drastically cut the size and scope of state government and reduce it to the proper limit our state’s founders envisioned. The American Conservative Union recently gave South Carolina the dishonor of being named the most liberal Republican-controlled state legislature in the country. Folks, I’m ashamed of that, and I’m sure you are, too. That’s why I’m running for the state House. I’m ready to fight to change things.What are your plans if you were elected? I am a medical doctor, and we’re trained to base treatment on urgency. That’s the approach we must take with our state government, too; triage the problems confronting us. First off is making Columbia do exactly what your family and mine do: live within its means. That requires making sure your tax dollars are spent on essential services, not wants and political pet projects.Additionally, we’ll never change the way Columbia operates until we change the people we send there. That’s why we must finally have term limits, to stop public service from becoming a lifelong profession. We must put everyday citizens back in our “citizen legislature.”Why should residents vote for you? "Folks, I’m not naïve. I know we can’t turn things around and make them better overnight. But we can at least start. And it begins with people like you and me stepping up and reclaiming our government. The Founding Fathers gave control of it to We, the People. It is our government, yours and mine. What we do today will determine the legacy we pass on to our children and grandchildren tomorrow."State House of Representatives, District 37 (unopposed)Candidate: Steven Long/Republican (incumbent)Age: 28 Location: InmanOccupation: Realtor What are the top issues facing the people you will represent? South Carolina has numerous important issues before us, here is a list of just some of the items that are important: Defending the unborn right to life, advancing second amendment rights including the right to carry a firearm, dedicating more funding and efforts on road repairs, cutting taxes and wasteful spending, repealing the anti-free market Certificate of Need law which is a barrier to health care, strengthening our election laws, protecting citizens from being forced or coerced into receiving a vaccine against their will, reducing regulations on businesses, stopping men from competing in women's sports, defending our American heritage, banning "critical race theory", and much more. What are your plans if you were elected? After I am re-elected later this year, I will continue to build on my proven, consistent, conservative record at the State House. My experience and the relationships I have built will enable me to hit the ground running and have a larger voice in Columbia as I advocate for my district and our values. We have accomplished a lot of great things during my time in Columbia, nevertheless, there is still much that we can improve upon. What are your plans if you were elected? Our rights are under attack from the radical left like never before and we need leaders who will fight for our constitution and conservative values. I have a record of doing so which is why I have been named a "Taxpayer Hero" by the SC Club for Growth and received awards for Conservative Achievement from the American Conservative Union. The people in my district can count on me to continue my efforts in pushing our shared conservative values. State House of Representatives, District 38  (unopposed)Name: Josiah Magnuson/Republican (incumbent) Age: 30Location: FingervilleOccupation: Sales/Marketing with Palmetto Fortis Education GroupWhat are the top issues facing the people you will represent? Ending Abortion, Protecting our Freedoms, Reforming State Government, Defending American Heritage, Ensuring Election IntegrityWhat are your plans if you were elected? I will continue to be a champion for personal liberty and family values, advocating for the state to stand up for the Constitution and use the Tenth Amendment to limit the power of the federal government. I will work alongside other strong conservatives to achieve judicial reform and ensure clear lines of responsibility in state agencies such as SCDOT (S.C. Department of Transportation). I will keep fighting for better use of taxpayer money. I will do my utmost to keep Columbia out of our businesses and out of our lives.Why should residents vote for you?  I understand the attack we are witnessing on America's foundations, and I know what needs to be done at the state level to keep our country free for future generations. My voting record in Columbia is consistently rated by ACU/CPAC and the Club for Growth as one of the most conservative in the state. I do my utmost to listen and be attentive to the concerns of "We the People. My goal is to truly represent the citizens I am privileged to serve.State House of Representatives, District 35 (unopposed)Name: Bill Chumley/Republican Age: 74Location: ReidvilleOccupation:  Business owner & farmerWhat are the top issues facing the people you will represent?  Medical freedom, election integrity, preserving our history and heritage What are your plans if you were elected?  I am committed to using all the influence and resources I have to protect the hard-won freedoms we have in this country. The citizens of District 35 know my reputation well, that I will not back down or be bullied into a compromise on matters of principle. In the light of the fact that the US Supreme Court appears ready to reconsider the egregious Roe v. Wade decision, conservatives in the state legislatures must be ready to advance the conservative cause when that historic opportunity comes. With all the controversies and disruptions we are facing, and the near constant threats to our fundamental institutions and Constitutional rights, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of making South Carolina the best place it can be.Why should residents vote for you?  I have a clear record of dedicated service to the people of this district and have proven my ability to work with other conservatives to get things done.State House of Representatives, District 31 (unopposed)Candidate: Rosalyn Henderson-Myers/Democrat (incumbent) - No response.
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