Russian official demands Putin end war, gets escorted out of meeting


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It's pure Russian copium. The reason the Ukrainian military has been so successful is exactly because they have moved away from Russian doctrine and moved into NATO doctrine and training.

How Ukraine went from a corrupt army "in ruins" to one that amazed the world | Univision | 2022

"Collins, and other military experts, attribute the astonishing turn around to a “herculean effort” in barely six years by Ukrainian military leaders, coupled with millions of dollars of training and military equipment from an international group of countries, led by the United States, along with the U.K., Canada, Germany and Lithuania.

In 2014, Ukraine’s defense minister said the country had 6,000 combat-ready troops. Today, Ukraine’s army numbers around 170,000 active duty troops, as well as 100,000 reservists and volunteer Territorial Defense Forces.

“Boy they were motivated to defend their country and they were taking the steps to develop,” said retired Major General Tim McGuire, who was deputy commander of U.S. Forces in Europe from 2016-2018."

Part of the reason the Russia was able to capture the Crimea and the so-called Donbas region in the south-east was that Ukraine’s army relied on untrained conscripts with little training and experience. Things could have been worse had not thousands of volunteers, and militias helped in the war effort.

In 2016, then-president Petro Poroshenko asked for senior defense advisors from the U.S., Canada, the UK, Lithuania and Germany to advise the country on how to bring its armed forces up to NATO standards.

Gen John Abizaid, the former head of U.S. forces in the Middle East, was appointed as advisor to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry. To assist him, Abizaid picked Collins, a decorated former U.S. Army Special Operations commander who served in Iran and Afghanistan before becoming director of the Modern War Institute at West Point, the nation’s top military academy.

The U.S. had been conducting training exercises with Ukraine for a number of years, with names like Sea Breeze and Rapid Trident. But the intensity dramatically picked up, with up to five battalion (roughly 400-500 men each) being trained a year.

Since 2014, U.S. military advisers have trained more than 27,000 Ukrainian soldiers, U.S. officials say. Training included everything from “basic fundamentals” to the importance of camouflage and dispersion tactics and cyber operations.

It also included training for Ukrainian units at the Joint Multinational Training Center in Hohenfels, Germany. “That's where we do our realistic, largescale training exercises replicating the rigors of combat,” said McGuire.

“Our fighter pilots have been telling everyone for years that the Ukrainian Air Force is pretty good,” the head of the California National Guard, Maj Gen David Baldwin, said in a recent interview after hosting Zelensky at a California Air National Guard base in September.

An entire Special Forces branch was created from scratch. Training was done at tactical troop level to senior advisors within ministries.

“ The ultimate mission of the Green Berets is train the trainers. Their job is to work with indigenous forces. That's their classic mission. And I think what you're watching in Ukraine is how that mission truly paid off,” said Roger Pardo-Maurer, a former Special Forces officer who was also the top official for Latin America at the Pentagon. “Our tactics, our training, our organization, our system, our weapons, they picked it all up,” he added.

Over time, the Ukrainian armed forces established their own trainers the U.S. and its allies took on a more advisory role. The Ukrainians also gradually acquired what McGuire called “the intangibles that I believe are really what sets a military apart - the importance of professionalism, of discipline, of leadership, of initiative in the chain of command.”

“At the end of the day, it comes back down to the equipment only works if you've got a disciplined, well-trained, well-led, motivated military that can use it,” he added.

Western military teaching encourages lower ranking troop commanders to use their initiative in order to be ready to give expedient battlefield orders when necessary.

“The training and advice spread to every level, pretty much across the board,” said Collins. “This cultural shift, combined with eight years of fighting (southern separatists) in the Donbas, has created a generation of combat-ready officers,” he added.

The formation of Territorial Defense Forces in Ukraine, has also boosted morale, as well as valuable human intelligence in towns and villages."

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