Intercepted audio shows Russian soldiers almost blew up a top general for ordering them to the front line, Ukraine says


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I was just trying to explain to my non-veteran friends over Memorial day weekend what the death/casualty/injury rate is in this war and they all nodded along solemnly, but I don't think they actually fully comprehend how bad this conflict is on the grand scheme of conflicts. Like this is WW2, WW1, 1800s conflicts levels of death and injury, atleast on the Russian side. I'm not sure if we've seen any actually accurate numbers on either side, but if the numbers that we're seeing on the Russian side are accurate then holy shit.

Somewhere close to 20k dead in 3 months, and with the 3 (casualties) to 1(death) rule of war, which is surpisingly accurate between conflicts in various time periods, means somewhere along the lines of 80k dead/injured/out of the fight. Russia only brought 180k - 200k men initially. If 80k of 180k are out of the fight, then Russia is running on fumes. Those other 100k haven't been doing nothing either. They have watched whole other units be obliterated to nothing. Guys they just ate chow with on a Monday around a campfire, and they all told stories of where their units are headed next, only to find out on Wednesday that the Ukrainians counterattacked and retook that entire town/village area where your buddy just told you he was about to go. Now your commanding officer is telling you to strap on your boots to go re-counterattack the counterattack that just happened and killed your friends.

They have probably been A PART of units that were almost entirely obliterated only to be put in the back of a truck, driven to a different part of Ukraine and told that they are now a part of 1127389th tank unit from some fuck off far away part of Russia they've never been to with men they've never met and now they have to again go charging into oncoming fire for Mother Russia. That's not good for morale. Those other 100k have been getting shot at, running for cover from idf, digging trenches, eating like shit, getting next to no sleep before the next charge into another village in the middle of nowhere Ukraine killing people they don't know for no reason for three whole months. All of that wears on a person, literally. Its why the US military keeps their soldiers on a strict 6 month or 12 month deployment time period. You cannot physically and mentally keep doing this over and over again day in and day out and be expected to keep going. Its madness.

I was in Afghanistan for a fairly peaceful 12 months when compared to this insanity, and still my mental health/fortitude was not the greatest when I finally came back home. We had one guy from my company die from mortar fire and another guy had appendicitis and had to rotate back to Germany to get that surgery. I couldn't imagine the levels of PTSD Russian veterans will have to live with for the next 20-40 years.

Entire towns/neighborhoods of young men between 18-35 are never coming back to their village. There will be entire villages and towns elsewhere in Russia that completely empty out when the women figure out that none of their men/brothers/sons aren't coming back, where they will either commit suicide because of despair or move to a different town where people will actually be because of the social aspect of humans.

Think about this from the average Russian soldier's point of view. Their brothers, cousins, neighbors, friends, generally people they know are going to be usually clustered around them in either their specific unit or in sister/brother units that come from neighboring states back in Russia. Those people could now ALL be gone. All of your neighbors, all of your cousins, all of the young men from a rival high school that you played soccer against as kids. All of them gone. Entire companies, battalions, brigades are now dead/injured.

The US's casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq are being dwarfed by the carnage we're seeing in this conflict. About 7,000 deaths between 2001 and 2021 in two different wars in two different countries where none of the people wanted us there. We lost 30 people a month for 20 years. Our country was insanely angry at ISIS/Taliban when we'd see 20-30 flag draped coffins being unloaded off the back of a C-130. Could you imagine if it were an industrial coal train with like 20 - 30 train cars FULL of bodies? They are losing 7,000 men a MONTH. That # doesn't even include the casualties who aren't dead too. Dead and casualty numbers would be 26,666 a month.

Would YOU want to continue to fight if every other friend you knew in the military was dead already? Would YOU continue charging head first into oncoming fire to save the pride of some fuckstick colonel you've never met?

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