Ben Stiller Meets With Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky: “You’re My Hero”


Everyone knows !

When revolutions broke out in Iran in 1979, 6 Americans were trapped in an embassy in hostile territory.

America wanted to extract them, but needed a cover story to get covert ops into the country safely.

They needed to think of a cover story. But what kind of civilian was insane enough to go into a newly war-torn Iran?

The CIA came to the realization that the only group they could think of were film makers. They called up the guy who made Planet of the Apes, asked how to pose as a film crew, got set up with Hollywood and the CIA's best disguise artist, and flew into Iran to film a sci-fi movie in their beautiful lands.

They got in, but they needed a way to get out.

Luckily, Canada had our back, and almost the entire extraction plan was done by them. The team got the Americans, and Canada provided the papers and documents required to clear Iranian checkpoints. The spies managed to get everyone to a plane that Canada arranged, and as the plane took off and passed over the Iran border, everyone cheered - 6 American lives had been saved by a CIA black op advised by the Planet of the Apes guy and co-strategized and executed by Canada, because no one else besides Hollywood is fucking insane enough to go into a war zone.

(Source: I just went to the Spy Museum in DC, it was fucking awesome)

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