Canada to ban making, importing many single-use plastics from December


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Glass is very heavy and requires more fuel to transport, along with the much higher risk of breaking during transport.

Wax paper does not offer anywhere near the shelf stability of plastics and would drive up food waste.

They seem like good alternatives at first glance. Another factor for consideration is that even if you accept higher fuel consumption or food waste. Not everything can be packaged like that even if you wanted to.

Take peas for example. Frozen peas, and most vegetables, must have a light barrier otherwise they turn a funky white color. Even if the plastic bag is perfect in every way, and the peas never leave the freezer display in the store. They will turn white without opaque packaging.
This is just one of many, many, examples.

A valid counter point is that you could just use cans, and that's true. But the amount of energy needed would be really high. Cans aren't great for shipping (weight and shape) and are used sparingly for select products.

Old cans and glass bottles can be found buried in the ground fairly easily. Not that they're worse than plastics, they are much more environmentally friendly as far as waste streams. The point being, however something is packaged, there needs to be a circular economy for disposal and reuse. Even with that circular economy in place, people need to not be jerks and recycle in order for it to work, regardless of the packaging material.

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