Japan’s prime minister calls for ‘immediate cancellation’ of Chinese military drills


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There's a lot of cringe circlejerk in this comment section so i might as well add something productive for those who want to have some real discussions.

I've seen conversations in Japanese social media about how Pelosi's visit has actually enabled China more room to get away with violation of Taiwan's space.

Essentially, the current military drill that China is conducting is on a scale we've never seen before. Their military exercise is happening pretty much right by Taiwan with a distance of less than 12 miles. You can stand in a Taiwanese beach and literally see the war ship in clear picture with a naked eye. China is also lobbing missiles over taiwan for the first time ever. And there are helicopters that are literally flying over the edge of Taiwanese land

Had China done this sort of military exercise before Pelosi's visit, it is likely that we would have seen international condemnation. However, because of Pelosi's visit, we see China's response as a tantrum rather than a serious threat. Because of this, China seems to be pushing the boundaries of what they could theoretically get away with without any condemnation whatsoever.

Within Japanese discourse, i've seen people suggest that Pelosi's visit has done more harm than good in the long term. Who knows how it will escalate but at this point, there should be real discussions of the consequence of this rather than continuous circlejerks

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