Vladimir Putin claims Russia’s weapons are ‘decades ahead’ of Western counterparts


Were you aware !

I suffered from severe mental illness as a teenager and into my 20s. I spent a lot of time in mental institutions. As a crazy person in a locked down facility with other crazy people, it's amazing to meet all these personal brands of it. I thought I was pretty messed up in the head until I met Jesus Christ in the psych ward. At least, a guy who believed he was Jesus.

One young woman always stands out in my head because she was the only one that ever truly baffled me. She was, like a lot of us, a "frequent flyer," coming in and out of psych ward admission every month or so. She always had the same set of stories she'd tell everyone, with this straight faced absolution that did not match how ludicrous her statements were. No one knew how to talk to her.

Her main story was that she was Jay-Z's producer/girlfriend. She met him while she was working as a model in Paris, he fell in love with her but also recognized her genius.

In the mental hospital, everyone is crazy, but there's people who know they're crazy and there's people that don't. The ones that don't, like Jay-Z's girlfriend, get "tested" by the other patients. But she never broke from her version of reality. Ever. One guy goaded her into showing him what modeling poses she did in Paris and she literally got onto a couch and started awkwardly, wholeheartedly, acting like a model with a photographer taking pictures of her as an audience of psychiatric patients watched in stunned silence.

The humanistic part of me hopes she is doing okay now, wherever she is. But the other part of me, the one that remembers interacting with her, is stuck in a permanent loop of "WHHHHHAT THE FUCK." Why Jay-Z? Just like, why Stephen Tyler? What the fuck is that?

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