2022 Virginia general election: 9 things to know before you vote – The Washington Post


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Early voting in Virginia kicked off Sept. 23, marking the start of the mad dash to Election Day in this year’s midterms with several high-profile races on the ballot in Virginia that could help determine which party controls Congress.Democrats and the GOP have been wrestling to steer the narrative in the election. Republicans have been hammering on the economy and inflation and attacking Democrats for what they call “wasteful spending” in the Inflation Reduction Act, which the Congressional Budget Office estimated won’t materially affect inflation either way. Democrats, meanwhile, have been pouring millions into advertising on abortion after the overturn of Roe v. Wade, painting opponents as extreme in their opposition to abortion — while touting cutting health-care costs and boosting clean energy as part of the Inflation Reduction Act.Voters can expect a continued deluge of TV ads and attacks on those issues in the ensuing weeks, particularly in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, where both parties have spent or reserved more than $15 million in broadcast TV ads, and in Virginia’s 2nd, where the parties have spent or reserved more than $7 million, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.Local contests are also on the ballot in many cities and counties in Northern Virginia. Below, find information on how to register and how to vote early.
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