Iranian protesters set fire to police station as unrest over woman’s death spreads


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Men are definitely involved. There’s a video on crazyfuckingvideos about an Iranian police man shooting into a crowd. He’s on his knees being lifted by two other moral police.

This video is editing (idc about that) but I find it interesting because the beginning of the real video is so inspiring. (In reddits version this is all completely cut:) In the beginning, this same officer tries to taze/baton a man, this man immediately takes a defensive stance and starts to kick. Then more men come, and more, and more. Soon this cop is shoved into the street, more men running in, from all sides of the intersection, to beat this guy down as a mob and kick him to death in the street. Obviously he survives, and the other police start shooting and the crowd disperses. But in that clip, I only saw men standing up to the government, and it was easily 30-40 of them all together, immediately in an other wise calm street, as soon as one man turned violent on police. So they’re definitely angry too.

Editgrammar and I’ll try to find the video but it’s from tiktok and showed up on my FYP and wasn’t saved.

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