Iran’s Exiled Prince Calls On Protesters To Continue Until Victory


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There was that, but the bigger reason was because not even 2 months prior, a large revolt took place in iraq led by a group Iraqi Nationalist officers who had been influenced by Hitler's Nationalism and Grobba. The Golden Square fleeing to Iran did them no favor, because a month later was Operation Barbarossa. Syria was still under Vichy control, and had repelled the allies. Rommel, having arrived in North Afrika 2 months prior to the Golden Square's revolt, had now surrounded Tobruk and had made the Suez Canal the Afrika Korp's objective On April 10th. This would cut the British Empire in half, and render any lend lease pointless through Iran. The threat of turkey joining the war was very real if Rommel captured the Suez, with those Forces then moving onto the Baku oilfields in Azerbaijan south of the Caucuses Mountain range. The Soviets and British were more concerned that Reza Shah would sway to the Axis, if the Nazis gained control over the black sea, they would gain access to Abadan_Refinery, which was a major contention point for Iran and the UK before the war. If producing for the axis, it would have fueled their invasion of the Soviet Union. By then Turkey would have most likley been pressured to join the Axis. Dont forget, the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union is the LARGEST land invasion in Human History. Iran going to the Axis would be very detrimental to the Allied war effort. these are the major reasons for operation countenance.

The lend lease route would become important once Roosevelt approved aid in October of 1941, months after the Soviet-Anglo invasion. with 7.9 million tons of aid (45% of all American aid for the USSR) flowing to the soviets from late 1941-45. Through Iran it was eventually important, but was a minor factor in August 1941.

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