Russia should lose place on UN Security Council – Irish Prime Minister


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The UN structure is a (perhaps outdated) reflection of reality: veto power is the diplomatic counterpart to nuclear power in the real world.

No, it isn't. When the Security Council was formed, only the US had nuclear weapons. States didn't get permanent seats because they were nuclear powers. Rather, they got those seats because they were the major victors of WW2 (plus China as a quasi-exception). Nuclear weapons didn't confer special status-- the countries who were granted special status went on to acquire nuclear weapons.

Taking away their veto power in the UN doesn't change their real world power.

No, it doesn't. But the problem there isn't that removing the veto wouldn't remove Russia's nuclear weapons, it's that removing the veto would be a political move that would put Russia below the other permanent Security Council members. Demoting Russia while allowing the US and China plenary power to control the Council (the UK and France have pledged not to use the veto) would be destabilizing.

At the same time, the veto has destroyed the Security Council as a functional entity for most of its existence. Russia is representative of that problem, but it is a symptom, not the cause.

The solution, then, isn't to strip Russia of the veto, it's to kill the veto entirely. Doing so would allow the Security Council to function, keep the permanent members on the same symbolic footing, and further the maintenance of international peace and security.

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