Putin signs law stipulating ten years behind bars for desertion and surrender


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Funny you should say that, the norwegian journalist Hans-Wilhelm Steinfeld told a story about being served coffee by Putin while meeting with some KGB brass in the late 80s.

Edit: Here's the relevant text blurb from the article, and then put through google translate.

«Vi (Steinfeld og tidligere borgermester i Leningrad, Anatolij Aleksandrovitsj Sobtsjaksatt, journ.anm) snakket om frihetens vilkår i Russland da hans kontorsjef kom inn og fylte på kaffe. Han fikk jo ikke sitte inne og høre på. Kontorsjefen het Vladimir Putin. Og på forværelset satt studenten Dmitrij Medvedev og passet telefonen.»

"We (Steinfeld and former mayor of Leningrad, Anatoly Aleksandrovich Sobchaksatt, journ.anm) were talking about the conditions of freedom in Russia when his office manager came in and refilled the coffee. He wasn't allowed to sit inside and listen. The head of the office was Vladimir Putin. And in the front room sat the student Dmitrij Medvedev, looking after the phone."


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