Zelensky offers guarantees for Russian soldiers who surrender


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I'm not sure the Russians have the capacity to orchestrate that kind of false-POW stunt.

They'd have to have highly trained, designated infiltrators who put on enlistee uniforms and surrender without getting killed along the way. Then: Profit? It's not clear what exactly the upshot is. You'll presumably (hopefully) be searched for weapons by the Ukrainians. Then, you're just in a POW camp. Unless the Ukrainians are stupid, you're not going to pick up hugely useful operational intelligence (other than, perhaps, the location of the POW camp, which Russia presumably knows). And, assuming you've been searched, you're not going to be able to broadcast secrets back to the Russians.

I suppose that, if you sent a bunch of infiltrators to "surrender," a few of them might be able to smuggle guns or communications equipment and provide limited information on POW camps or local troop movements. But I really doubt that any such intelligence would be worth sending FSB officers into a very hot war zone at a time when Russia is desperate to fill its ranks with actual fighters.

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