Putin has escaped to his secret palace in a forest amid anti-draft protests in Russian cities, report says


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"Russian President Vladimir Putin escaped to his secret palace near Gelendzhik, about halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg, amid anti-draft protests in Russia, MailOnline was first to report.

According to independent journalist Farida Rusamova, who cited three sources familiar with Putin's schedule, the Russian president traveled to his vacation home on Wednesday.

He has been resting his "body and soul" there, Rusamova said in a Telegram post, enjoying the facilities of the palace, which Putin publicly denies belongs to him.

Allies of the imprisoned Russian activist Alexei Navalny have published hundreds of photos of what they say is the inside of the luxurious building. In a statement last year, Navalny said the palace and grounds had security fences, a port, a church, a no-fly zone, a wine cave, a theater, a gym, a pool, a spa, an "aqua disco," and an ice-hockey rink.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation alleges that it was funded through a scheme in which Putin's inner circle paid the president for access and influence. The Kremlin denies this."

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