CIA warned Berlin about possible attacks on gas pipelines in summer – Spiegel


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It could be done very easily. There are a lot of ships in the Baltic, but a small team in a small boat is a very hard thing to detect, a submarine is even more so.

Unless one of those ships happened to be basically ontop of the exact location that was being hit on the pipeline they likely would not have seen a thing, and even if before or after the attack some of those ships detected the boat/sub that would still not be evidence that the Russians did it because Russian subs and boats move around the Baltic all the time.

A smaller Submarine in particular could have just transitioned through the Baltic as normal, even if it was seen by patrols it would not raise alarms with anyone as Russian subs move in that area a lot, they could have gone low, dropped off a small team to lay charges, then picked up the team and moved on quickly and unless someone was practially on their sholder watching them it is unlikely anyone would have detected anything abnormal until after the explosition went off.

It's also not too hard to destroy a pipeline, a few people in scuba gear who know how to use explosives and a couple tons of high grade civilian or military stuff could quickly do the job.

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