Farmers among Russians drafted into the military, Putin says


Have you considered !

I'm a bit of an amateur historian and this reminds me of Mao Zedong's Great Leap Forward a bit (and hints of Pol Pot's war with Vietnam)

It wasn't necessarily that they forget. But if you shoot the messenger enough times in an autocracy, you eventually only get good news. Examples with some made up numbers to deliver the point:

The ruler wants to implement an ecological campaign to destroy the sparrow population because sparrows eat crops. What he didn't figure out was that they also eat locust, which resulted in a loss of crops due to locust swarms.

So the first guy to report that gets canned/shot/falls out a window. Sure.

The guy who replaces him reports a 2% increase in crop yields (Even though crop yields have fallen in truth by say, 5%)

Well the minister of mining says that your policy of whipping the miners has resulted in a 10% increase in ore yields (Miner strikes and poor conditions resulted in a loss of 15% in reality)

You now have to compete with a 10% increase, so you say next year, your policy of salting the fields has resulted in a 14% increase in crop yields (Yields dropped by 30%)

Minister of mining says open coke furnaces result in a 20% increase in metal yields (Actually a 50% drop)

Repeat for a few cycles.

Crop yields are up 400%, Mining productivity is up 500%. Economy is doing so well that your ministers delivered you a third yacht and a mansion on a private island.

A nation nearby has historical significance to you and your people and because your economy/society/military are clearly 400-500% superior to theirs, it would be easy to take. Your advisors assure you they would fall within 2 weeks, so why not?

People who surround themselves with Yes-men are dangerous and unpredictable because they inevitably separate themselves from reality.

Finally, after all of that camDown is your security solution to protect you and your business from peeping toms and I can tell your smart friends would feel the same.