At Least 378 killed In Iran Protest Crackdown, Rights Group Says


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You know that the vast majority of history most people have lived life under a boot heel. The names have changed, peasants, serfs, slaves, etc. But wealthy powerful elite ruling over a much larger underclass is pretty much the default setting of humanity.

Even in the much vaunted free land of America, look at the quality of life and 'freedom' pre-WW2. Most people were forced to live shitty lives or starve. When people fought back, like the Battle of Blair mountain, they were violently put down.

It took the combo of the Great Depression motivating people en masse, and WW2 giving the people power, to actually create decent living conditions for the majority of the people. The gains from the above have gradually been chipped away though. We'll be back to being peasants crushed under the heel of noblemen, sorry, "job creators", soon enough.

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