France’s Macron accuses Russia of ‘predatory’ influence in Africa


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Now obviously, that wasn't enough money to keep France from working to make Haiti a pariah nation with almost no access to international loans, save through France, so France could continue to ounish and extract money from people who'd they treated as property. But at least they didn't re-enslave them.

Isn't that generous?

That is a bit (lot) of revisionism here, aye

Their pariah status was the direct result of the US, England and other European nation aside of France following the first phase of independence (1790-1802).

Toussaint Louverture who led the haitian independence was backed and helped by revolutionary France.

In fact most of Haitian independence leader were French military officer

Haitian independence resulted in most non-French "trader" to get expelled or killed, USA being the biggest slave organisation of them all took it the worse, fearing for what it could inspire to their own slaves.

Toussaint Louverture was even a stark defender of Haitian-French relationship citing that without France Haiti would have no one to rely on following their independence (well because France was the only major revolutionary state at that time)

This wasn't much of an issue at that time because revolutionary France was full behind Haitian independence... until it stopped being revolutionary France and Napoleon arrived.

Napoleon like any dictator sought to use Toussaint for his own gain and kidnapped Toussaint, who died due to poor living condition and change of climate.

This soured relation with Haiti who felt betrayed by the new French regime, said new regime who tried to solve it by force.

Then following Napoleon, European forced France to get back to monarchy, which obviously was anti-revolutionnary ideals and thus anti-Haiti like all the other major Western powers

So what did they do, well American and French banks as well as european slave owners sought an opportunity and financed a French expedition that would negotiate opening again commerce if they reimbursed the French government loss and more than anything else, reimbursed slave owners loss

So France with a shitty government that were imposed to them and a shitty dictator that they chose did a lot of wrong.

But trying to pin it on France when the US was the major actor behind Haiti misery, that is a load of American ass and other European nation were the one behind that in the first place, that is ton of hypocrisy.

Edit: For people who didn't read my comment, it doesn't mean that France was not in great part responsible.

In fact, by turning on the very people they had supported, they betrayed the haitian, their words and their own ideology.

As long as a french government isn't able to acknowledge that, it won't matter how much they preach about how revolutionary ideals are important, that is just empty word if they do not follow it with actions

Same situation with Africa, they try to act like they did good, that they build school and stopped exploiting Africa

Yet behind this masquerade, they let French companies run free exploiting Africa and then act as if they aren't covering those companies, as the corrupt government it is.

However the idea that the isolation (not the betrayal) is solely and originally France fault remain a lie that happened to line perfectly with France later turning on Haitian as their government changed

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