Russia Plans ‘Terrorist Attacks’ On Belarus, Will Blame Ukraine And NATO: Defense Intel


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Russia's trying to do anything they can to actually get their supposed vassal states to engage in this war. Belarus has so far contributed less to the effort than North Korea.

So if they have to blow something up in Belarus and blame Ukraine, that's what Putin's gonna do...

Doesn't matter that it makes literally no sense, that Ukraine's busy on the literal opposite side of their country with major offenses... in fact, that's literally the point. They want to open up another front, but they don't have the bodies to push through Belarus again. So, try to get the Belarussians to do it instead.

Of course... this plan is just as likely to backfire and turn Belarus's public even further against Russia, doing damage to their already tenuous grasp on the country... they might even make it dissemble rather than spur military action. If Russia had a military left worth discussing it'd be a good time for them to march in and annex what's left of that state too, but they can't even win the land war against Ukraine.

All-in-all... they're just looking for any Hail Mary plays they can find, and the playbook's empty of anything resembling a good idea. So we're back to the bad ones - try to get someone else to go nuclear so they can respond (hello North Korea, Iran), try to open more fronts, more looting, terrorist attacks, soon it'll be suicide attacks and kamikazes once the missiles and drones run dry.

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