Russian Territory Officials Demand Putin Officially End His Mobilization


Everyone knows !

Like Oda Nobunaga and his nightingale.

EDIT: Basically there's a saying about the 3 Great Unifiers of Japan. One day, Oda Nobunaga heard of a marvelous nightingale that could sing the sweetest music. Desiring to hear this heavenly sound, he sent for the bird, but when he demanded that it sing to him it was silent. Angry, Oda pulled out his katana, intent on killing the stubborn bird. But before Nobunaga could kill the bird, Toyotomi Hideyoshi stepped in, saying that if the bird won't sing by choice, Hideyoshi will make it sing with force. Hideyoshi grabbed the bird and squeezed it tight, but the nightingale did not even peep. Frustrated, Hideyoshi let the bird go and walked away in a huff. Finally, Tokugawa Ieyasu took his turn with the bird. He looked at the bird, admiring its lovely plumage and strong spirit, and said that if the nightingale won't sing, Tokugawa would leave it alone until it did. So Tokugawa sat, and admired the bird, and did not try to kill it or squeeze it. A sense of calm and serenity swept over the scene, and finally, the nightingale sang.

The nightingale in this story is meant to be the people of Japan. The Tokugawa shogunate managed to forge a long lasting peace, in part by encouraging former warrior clans to invest into the arts and culture of Edo (later Tokyo).

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