Bolsonaro now no longer conceding election – claiming fraudulent results due to voting software error


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It's unlikely he got any additional support, especially with the number of people who came out to protest after the results.

He also only has about 5 weeks to actually get somewhere, the courts will probably look at it and give an answer in a week... at which point he'll have like 4 weeks to do anything. The supreme court in Brazil will give the case at random to one of the judges, which means he has little chance of it landing in someones hands that would give him anything. If there is ANY merit, that judge will say he needs the consent of the whole court and that will take a few more days and they'll say no.

He wanted legal support (money wise) from his party for conceding. I'm guessing he's not getting enough support and he is panicing now.

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I have traveled to countries undergoing some political upheaval and even been in cities that were experiencing terrorist attacks - with the caveat that nothing is a 100% guarantee in life - you should be fine.

As others have pointed out avoid talking politics, stick to basic touristy things (eating local food, shopping at markets), and you’re more than likely going to be okay.

If you want to be extra safe save a list of the number of the Embassy and any local consulates for your country. Perhaps pack an extra, cheap phone too.

If shit gets bad enough where you truly, truly feel unsafe - collect your things and head straight to the airport.

Again, there’s no guarantees in this life but unless this situation gets vastly worse over the next few days or week you should be okay.

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  1. There was never a junta. One thing that the military dictatorship did in Brazil that was different from other Latin American dictatorships of the time was that they "refreshed" the president, choosing a new one every 4 years. This way there was never a "strong man."

  2. It did not last 40 years. The coup happened in April 1964, and the first president democratically elected after the end of the dictatorship took the oath of office in March 1985. So 21 years.

Look, I despise Bolsonaro as much as the next (sane) Brazilian, but spewing factoids and misinformation will not help anybody.

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Maybe someone already answered, but might as well do it: nothing changed. This is bozonaro's party making an useless public move in order to appease their more radical allies. It is merely symbolic and has no aim besides the party being able to claim they "tried tooth and nail" to go against the "corrupt institutions".

The supreme court took a whopping 13 minutes to process and answer this circus act, and gave the party 24h to adjust their claim to fit reasonable reality, otherwise it will be completely ignored.

The "adjustment" consists of explaining why the claim of fraud only applies to the position of president, and not to the hundreds of other elected officials (many from the party presenting the claim). Obviously, there's no explanation for such a thing, since the actual position behind the claim is "we lost, therefore there must be fraud".

There will be no adjustment to the claim, the supreme court will ignore this document, bolsonarists will scream to the winds that the court is corrupt and fascist, bla bla bla sound and fury, and nothing concrete will happen. That's about it.

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