Ireland Aims To Legalize Cannabis For Personal Use


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This is missing several important points.

The bill is being introduced by an opposition TD. Government will almost certianly vote it down, or more realistically, let it die in committe or refuse a money message.

A planned citizen assembly on drugs has been stalled for a long time, mainly due to our drugs minister seemingly hating on drug reform :/

Any change like this will be done by Government not opposition, so probably sfter the next election in 2025 if I had to guess.

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And annoyingly for me, I have seen about 30 articles in the last month about this, all with ever so slight changes in the title to make it seem a step further.

All that is on the bill to my knowledge is decriminalisation of up to 7g of cannabis.

And its not the first time Gino Kelly has proposed a bill as such as this. Last time notably leaving out some pretty important details.

I hope it passes, but it won't. Even if it did, we are still easily 10 years plus out from legalisation.

EDIT: Seen it is also proposing a Citizens assembly for next year and injection centers. Two other positive moves, however I'm doubtful it will pass anyway.

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I understand the optimism, especially after seeing 3 party TD's, Mairead Farrell of Sinn Fein, Aódhan O Rhiordan (sp?) of Labour and Simon Harris of Fine Geal (In government) agree a citizens assembly is a positive move and they are eyeing 2023 to have it.

And in hindsight seeing it in the media so often is probably a good thing as it means it's being seen and talked about. Could also mean somebody is putting a lot of effort into getting this noticed which is also good.

Ultimately I hope you are right but I can't see anything changing soon though it does seem to slowly be becoming a bigger issue in Ireland.

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Hang in there, this is how it starts! I live in one of, if not the most conservative parts of our country, (Canada) and I felt I would never see it in my lifetime.

Can’t drive through any town without passing at least 3 dispensaries these days. Literally more of them than liquor stores!

It can and probably will happen!

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To add to this. Labour (also an opposition party) are introducing a bill this week to prioritise the Citizens Assembly.

Minister for Higher Education: Simon Harris said on yesterday’s ’This week in Politics’, that they intend to establish the Citizens Assembly next year. So either the Government Coalition will support the Labour bill or introduce their own version of it soon.

PBPs bill will definitely fail, but it is part of a broader conversation and increasing political pressure that should eventually lead to decriminalisation of all drugs and potentially legalisation of Cannabis. Irish Citizen Assemblies are very good and generally give the Government strong scope for liberal policy much further than they would introduce on their own.

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Minister for Higher Education: Simon Harris said on yesterday’s ’This week in Politics’, that they intend to establish the Citizens Assembly next year.

Yeah, they'll get on it fight after they get those last few tweaks to this minor housing blip sorted out.

It's such a pain in the hole too, having lived in Canada where its been legal for years and magically society hasn't deteriorated into a drug zombie hellscape.

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Yes and no.

Technically we don't. We have a Minister of State with responsibility for Public Health, Well Being and National Drugs Strategy.

Commonly referred to as a 'junior minister'. They exist dur to a constitutional limit on how many ministers we can have. The idea is they can focus on specific areas under the wider ministry, health in this case.

Some have been quite good IMO, law reform had been busy. Drugs however, not so much.

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It's actuslly a bit trickier for them than that. Cannabis isn't constitutionally banned, only by a piece of legislation.

They could hold an ordinary referendum, which involves a majority of the Seanad and 1/3 of the Dail petitioning Miggeldy, and him deciding its of national importance.

However given the Government have a majority on the Seanad and an ordinary referendum has never been used before I doubt they want to do that.

Citizens assembly completed with recommendations, followed by a GE with drugs policy being fairly central with change to follow depending on the parties elected is the most likely path I think.

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$296.3 million USD per year. Just on sales.

That's extrapolating what my state's (Oregon) yearly marijuana tax revenue is and adjusting for Ireland's bigger population.

That number jumps up even more when you get into things like license fees, property taxes, inspection fees, etc. Not to mention the employment bump and the economic impact of legalization on tourism.

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If it’s any consolation, it’s because the arts in Ireland have been dying a slow death for the past 20 years. No job opportunities or market for anyone who pursues arts and it began to show for awhile

For a country that’s so rich in Music, Literature and Poetry, it wasn’t far from its death a few years ago and it’s recently been a policy that artists will receive UBI and pay no taxes up to 50k

One of my friends studied literature and screenwriting and it was impossible for him to dedicate time to it because he couldn’t afford to live, now he actually has an opportunity to work on screenplays

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This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 91%. (I'm a bot)

Ireland joins the cannabis conversation in Europe, introducing a bill to legalize recreational cannabis for personal use.

The move seems to act more as a form of decrminalization to stop prosecuting cannabis users than an effort to legalize cannabis for personal use.

Malta, the first EU member to legalize cannabis for personal use in December 2021, also regulated the cultivation of cannabis plants, an essential element to contain the illicit market's revenue and guarantee safer products.

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