EU threatens to seize €300bn from Russia to rebuild Ukraine.


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I carried around a bag which physically contained 250,000 euro in 500 euro notes when I was 16 for about 2 weeks.
Taught it was an overnight bag with shampoo and stuff, it wasnt until we got stopped crossing from Switzerland into France at a random border check (never been stopped there before despite having driven across it thousands of times)that I discovered the content.

It was only a small bag, it could have held 4 times that amount easy and would have just felt like a slightly heavy overnight bag.

For context it was my Nans money she had withdrawn it from an account in Europe to bring back home to pay in cash for some building work that was done, she got in trouble with the border guard as she should have told him when she was first asked but he eventually decided she wasn't a drug dealer just an eccentric old lady and let us go.. then we got to the channel tunnel and it turned our her passport had also expired but they also let her pass and then sniffer dogs in holyhead led to them finding the 2 containers of petrol she used to insist on having for emergencies (didn't need the dogs tbh the fumes used to make me dizzy) and the security there did give her some stern looks, took the containers off her then let us on the ferry.

Old people can get away with so much stuff, on one occasion she even parked on a path directly under a monument so I could "run in and post something" for her im "the post office" which was another historic building, was approached by a guard and somehow talked her way out of that.

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