Brazil launches first anti-deforestation raids under Lula bid to protect Amazon


Were you aware !

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Now THAT is blatant misinformation. Lula was not in jail just to be investigated, he was 100% deemed guilty. The issue was how his prosection was done.

Some institutions considered the trial unfair, including UN's Human Rights Committee. Eventually that whole process was considered illegitimate.

Lula is indeed a free citizen, but not because "nothing came from the investigation", but rather because the investigation itself was unfairly done. In fact, contrary to what his election propaganda said, he was not acquitted.

Also, that person doesn't seem to be a bolsonaro supporter at all, they're probably just tired of watching as reddit gives inconditional support to Lula without any idea of what's happening. Lula isn't as bad as Bolsonaro but he's no saint either.

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