Estonia donates all of its 155mm howitzers and other weapons to Ukraine


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So before Ukraine, I would have said yes, they're opening themselves for attack.

(and I'm in no way discounting just how much they've stepped up - I'm constantly praising them)

Before Russia was tied down in Ukraine, Putin could have easily parked a few brigades on their border.

He can't muster a batallion to do that now. Just about every scenario prior to Ukraine had the Baltics getting blitzed and losing 2/3 maybe all of their territory before NATO could respond and move in divisions.

So I guess the only thing I'm arguing is that "they're next on Putin's List"

I would have agreed up to this past summer.

maybe in 5-10 years if the war in Ukraine goes dormant and a ceasefire the Baltics would be at risk again...

But then you'd still have Russia who'd be willing to go to war with NATO for that to happen. And I don't see that.

I don't see Russia being able to form armored divisions required to to threaten them anytime in the next 10 years. I don't see them being able to "pretend it's a training exercise" without the US moving Big Red 1, 1st armored, and 101st to the Baltics over the course of a few weeks while other NATO members rush to plug the gaps.

Hell for that matter we now have the entire Finland border to threaten Russia and St Petersburg would be sacked in a day.

Despite all that. What Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have done is astounding. They should have immense pride for being, above anyone else, putting their money where their mouth is and supporting Ukriane.

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