Turkey’s president says no support for Sweden’s NATO bid


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Not just because of this. Part of it is the fear of unauthorized technology stealing. Turkey wanted to buy Patriot systems to possibly illegally copy some of the tech for their own system as they announced one just before trying to buy the system. The US knew this and still went to sell it. However, Erdogan tried to haggle the price and the US refused. So, he bought cheaper S-400s from Russia and AA missiles from China. Which, the US scrapped the F-35 sale to Turkey as a consequence as they could leak F-35 specs to Russia or Turkey could just try to steal or sell the technology.

And the attempted Patriot sale happened in the first place after Turkish government officials complained to their public about European countries pulling out Patriots to do maintenance (which, these systems are expensive for these countries to operate in the first place - but they still operate their systems within Turkey.) Then when the Patriots were temporarily pulled out, NATO activated AWACS to compensate. But, the Turkish government or media leaves most of these details out when talking to their people.

So really, it is because Turkey is always playing both sides or extorting NATO members then playing the victim when NATO gives them a slap for doing this. They want other NATO countries to be good allies while being terrible allies themselves.

And what happened when Sweden and Finland tried to join NATO? Turkey hit them with 6 (IIRC- it may have been 8) demands, 4 of which were for the USA who weren't even a part of the Swedish-Finnish-Turkish bargaining. One of these demands was for Turkish Patriots and the other was for a resumption of the F-35 program inside of Turkey.

Finally, Turkey claims that they are blocking Sweden and Finland because of money sent to the PKK and YPG. However, Finland never did this. When Finland promptly pointed this out, Erdogan claimed it was because of an arms embargo on Turkey. Even knowing that it's a part of the Finnish constitution to embargo lethal weapons to countries involved in conflict. Of which, Turkey was fighting in Syria. Just in 2022 they broke this rule to send weapons to Ukraine; breaking their neutrality for the first time since WW2. Even with this knowledge, Erdogan still blocked Finland in hopes that it would allow him to squeeze more money out of his allies.

Sadly, nothing will happen to Turkey. Their position is too strategic to lose. If this was a smaller country in a less important location, like Slovenia, pulling this shit, they'd be kicked out by now. Erdogan knows this and exploits it.

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