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Leftist ideology kills again. For over a year, liberal protesters occupied the site of a planned public safety training center dubbed “Cop City” just outside Atlanta. On Wednesday, militant Manuel Esteban Paez Teran allegedly shot a state trooper in the stomach and was killed by officers returning fire.Teran, the 26-year-old alleged gunman who went by they/it
, wasn’t the only armed protester. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation
explosives, among other weapons, from various protester campsites, while seven other protesters were charged with domestic terrorism. Teran, also known as “Tortuguita,” likely would have been charged with domestic terrorism as well, along with attempted murder, had he not died last week.While radical in nature, the leftist anti-police ideology behind Teran’s deadly clash with the police is swiftly becoming the new liberal norm. Originating in academia, these ideas are now ubiquitous in narrative-setting industries such as media, entertainment, and Big Tech. Despite the allegation that Teran shot first, liberal activists have called his death “
” and an “
,” and
for “retaliation” and a “
night of rage
” in response.The aforementioned activists blatantly incited a fiery riot in which “mostly peaceful protesters” smashed windows, torched a police car, and damaged businesses in a predominantly black area. Members of the media have
the violence of this riot just as they downplayed the violence of the 2020 riots that followed the killing of George Floyd — the same riots that
in over $1 billion in damages,
killed dozens
, and
thousands of police officers.The media and the Democratic Party crucified President Donald Trump even though he
for Jan. 6 protesters to “remain peaceful,” to commit “no violence,” and to “respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue.” That riot
$1.5 million in damages and resulted in one protester being shot to death by a Capitol police officer — a drop in the bucket compared to recent left-wing displays of violence. Yet media coverage and comments from politicians portray Jan. 6 as the worst attack on our democracy since 9/11.This apparent hypocrisy led Christopher Tremoglie of the Washington Examiner to
, “Why haven’t Democrats criticized the insurrectionists in Atlanta?” Left-wing violence is often justified by politicians, swept under the rug by the media, and encouraged by far-left activists, who hold a magnifying glass to Republicans’ blemishes while oblivious to their own leprosy.Teran isn’t the first (would-be) cop killer glorified by the radical Left, and his story draws parallels to one I
for Campus Reform. An infamous convicted cop killer was let out on parole and sparked protests after being
to speak at a controversial 2022 SUNY Brockport event labeling him a “political prisoner.” Former Black Panther Jalil Muntaqim murdered two police officers in an ambush and was incarcerated for 50 years for his 1971 double homicide, yet a number of radical leftist organizations celebrated his release and
the release of other cop killers, including Romaine Fitzgerald, Russell Shoats, Abdullah Majid, and others.It’s clear why people who attack officers are labeled victims when they’re rightfully brought to justice; this leftist anti-police ideology held by prominent politicians, activists, academics, and media pundits has gained ground. Critical race theory, once an obscure legal framework, is now infused throughout school curricula nationwide. From a young age, students are taught that America’s institutions, especially the police, are systemically racist, disproportionately oppress minorities, and must be torn down.In this twisted worldview, those attacking the police are the protagonists. This is evident in the language used by
Stop Cop City
, calling the training center “a war base where police will learn military-like maneuvers to kill black people.”The lie that unarmed black people are being mowed down by racist police officers, necessitated by CRT, is radicalizing our youth and inspiring “defund the police” initiatives as well as city ordinances to soften up on crime. We don’t need more cop killers or crime waves; we need law and order. We need the truth, and the truth is white people experience more police
than black people by just 5 percentage points, yet they’re
by police almost twice as often.If Manuel Teran knew that, maybe he’d be alive today.
Peter Cordi (
) is a contributor for the Washington Examiner.

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