US approves sending of 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine


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One of the main things is range. A commander can spot a group of enemy tanks far beyond their sight with thermal imaging. He can task each shot in quick succession, and the gunner (pun intended) executes those tasks. This occurs outside of the engagement range of russian tanks.

In addition theres a stabilizer for the barrel, allowing the Abrams to fire reliably and accurately while mobing quickly over rough terrain. For a Russian tank, in comparison, to reliably and accurately hit, it will need to stop. It can run and attempt to hit, but any deviation in the land under its tracks will mean a deciation of the barrel, altering the flight path of the shell.

Also, the armor. T- series tanks have less armor on the top and more on the sides. They also keep ammo in the same compartment as the crew. So, a javelin coming down on the tank will not only penetrate, but also ingnite the ammo. This is why we see the new Roscosmos Tank Turret Program videos. Their turrets go sky high with a complete loss of crew. The Abrams however has more armor on the top and does not have ammo stored in the crew compartment. In addition, its armor is fundamentally different. The newest ones have depleted uranium armor, but i doubt we'll send that. We'll probaby send the composite armor that has compressed ceramic tiles inside. The armor on those, while dated, is still extremely good. An RPG or a Javelin will be a non-lethal hit, and will only give away the position of troops, earning the ire of the crew.

Last but not least, the engine. People seem to think the engine runs on jet fuel. That is not the case. It has a turbine engine. These can run on basically any fuel, although fuel types will alter service intervals. You could fuel the damn thing up at speedway if you wanted. The US Army only uses jet fuel because literally anything in their military can run on it. Its easy to use one type of fuel for everything.

Basically, these tanks were designed specifically to counter Russias current stockpile. When used in conjunction with Bradleys and all the other wonderful toys we've given, like HIMARS and Javelins, theyll be a potent fighting force. The last stone Ukraine is missing in it's military infinity gauntlet is modern air support. If they receive f-15s or f-16s (which i would expect to hear in the coming months, as their were rumblings of Ukrainians being trained on them in the US a few months back) then theyll have a full complement of combined arms. What happened in desert storm would happen again, albeit on a smaller scale. History doesn't repeat, but it sure as hell rhymes.

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