Russia-affiliated journalist paid for Quran burning in Sweden – I24NEWS


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For the people at the bottom of the thread who keep repeating the same questions I made a FAQ

Q: how can they do nothing about what is obviously a crime?

(It’s not a crime)

Q: How can it not be a crime?

(Because it’s an expression that doesn’t reach the very strict requirements to make it hate speech)

Q: Why doesn’t the Swedish government do something

(Governments don’t do law enforcement. They don’t even make laws)

Q: Why did he get permission to burn the Quran?

(It’s not a permission to burn a book. It’s a permission to have an event that could disturb or needs police present)

Q: How could he get a permission for a gathering where it was known he would do this?

(Because the law says you get permission for basically anything, otherwise government would be censoring speech.)

Q: How could police stand there and do nothing?

(That’s the job of the police. They don’t judge what is said at a manifestation. Their job is to protect regardless of what they think about the person speaking. No crimes were committed)

Q: How can the Swedish government not apologize or condemn it?

(That would extremely inappropriate when it comes to freedom of expression. Governments can’t condemn” or “apologize for” things that are legal. They can somewhat carefully say they sympathize with those who feel hurt etc. Antything beyond that is unthinkable)

Q: Why does Sweden have these racist laws that allow hate crimes?

(Western democracies tend to have extensive freedom of expression which includes offensive, insulting and shocking expression. Burning flags, offending public figures or burning books is included in the protected speech. That means this could have happened with the same outcome in basically any EU city).

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