Putin tells Russia’s billionaires to put patriotism before profit


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A lot actually when you're talking about 200 bil vs 1 bil. When you say "practical" were going to have to go to extremes.

1 bil can't buy you a city. If you so choose, you can build a city for around 7 bil in China. Smaller cities or towns in North America can be done for a reasonable price (low billions). The practical benefits of owning a city, power. You can literally have a gated city community with private police, by laws, etc. Practically speaking you could do a lot of illegal or explicit things to greater capacity than with 1 bil, on top of literally owning a city. If a city isn't your thing, you could develop an island.

200 bil, you can do space things, 1 bil you cannot. Also, some of the most expensive properties in the world are 250 mil (pent house in manhatten), and 160 mil to 300 mil (The One in LA). You could get mortgages for them, but with 200 bil, you could straight buy them. Also, the 300 mil super yachts aren't exactly for a person with a single billion, you need to be a multi billionaire. There is a practical difference because you're likely to need a reasonable entourage to help with daily activities when you're working. Executive assistant, private chef, security, vallet, local tour guide, communications and IT person, personal trainer, spouse, general assistant. Pretty lean crew for a billionaire. But when you're on a yacht, now you need to accommodate your entourage.

People. 1 bil, hard to fund a private army. Mercenaries, that's 100,000 salary. Then you need equipment, etc. You may ask why you need a legitimate Private army. Sometimes money isn't enough. Sometimes you want to subjugate a few small countries in less developed continente. Sometimes you need to remove the current gangs/black market government. 1 bil is not enough to fight them. If you have a true Private army with true battle hardened, experienced soldiers to execute resistance forces, you could be a modern Alexander or Ghengis. The World might hate you, but you also have the money to influence the media. 200 bil, you have a shot of controlling territory. What does that mean for you in the practical sense? It becomes cheaper for you to get goods and services if you make it in house. Why buy a channel purse (nothing for a billionaire) when you can have an entire leather industry with designers pumping put a new one every day for your use. Better quality leather, better hardware, designed to your liking. Why buy a Ferrari when you can literally engineer a better car? 1 bil is not enough to jump start multiple industries catering to your desires.

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