US military releases video from Russian fighter jet crash with drone


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This is like a super bad Russian version of Top Gun

Olga: -- Excuse me, Lieutenant, is there something wrong?

Putin: Yes, ma'am, the data on the Reaper is inaccurate.

Putin: How's that lieutenant?

Putin: Well, I just happened to see a Reaper do --

Lavrov : We!...We.

Putin: Sorry, Lav. WE happened to see a Reaper do a 4G negative dive.

Olga: Where did you see this?

Putin: That's classified.

Olga: It's what?

Putin: It's classified. If you continue to question me then you’ll fall out a window.

Olga: So, Lieutenant, where exactly were you?

Putin: Well, WE --

Lavrov: Thank you.

Putin: -- started up on his six, when he pulled through the clouds, and then I dumped fuel above him.

Olga: Well, if you were directly above him, how could you see him?

Putin: Because I was inverted.

Prigozhin: (coughs) Bullshit!

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