Putin visits Crimea on anniversary of its annexation from Ukraine


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Most of us aren't really buying it. Those who do most likely, don't even see any of that, because they just hear it from someone, or read about it.

The Russian government does a lot of what it does in order to imitate the support for Putin, his regime, his war, his bravery. It's all fake, just as the USSR reports of abundance and prosperity and the facades of Moscow and St. Petersburg were.

Fascism, propaganda and brainwashing demand constant stream of information, no matter how true, so that it could basically clog all the information streams until people are so fed up with insane and bullshit and hateful news that they stop thinking or caring anymore. The ader benefit is praising the one and only father-leader, fuelling his glorious image.

It's jarring and surprising to many because they think that this shit is done for any other purpose, like intimidation or actual info, anything, really, but in fact, all the "news" and events that have been coming form Russia since 24 Feb 2022 are just there to be the noise that you can't hear your own thoughts behind. Some propaganda, too, but making sure people don't even want to think or care is first, for without it, brainwashing is far less effective. And a lot of "news" and events were just the same for long, long time before the invasion.

It's primitive, really, and people expect something sophisticated and well executed, which is probably the biggest reason things like that still surprise anyone who's not been loving in Russia for years.

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