Use of Chinese ammunition in Ukraine confirmed by U.S.


As you well know !

I wouldnt sound the alarm yet.

A general understanding of Soviet weapons would shed light on this.

Sometime between the early 70s and mid 80s, the Soviets replaced almost all of their small arms and other infantry level weapons with newer versions, and the older stuff was finally phased out.

When they stopped using the AKM and AK47, They largely stopped producing ammo for it, same goes for a lot of their Light machineguns, rocket launchers, grenades, etc.

China has been the world's largest supplier of early cold war Soviet weapons for decades, Almost all of the AKs the Vietnamese used, were of Chinese origin. Most of the ammo floating around that hasn't been fired yet, is of Chinese origin, so much so that Russia likely bought billions of rounds for their AKM stockpiles, decades ago...

this same rule should apply for any of the really old shit that Russian soldiers are using,

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