Zelenskyy calls on Russians to ‘protest’ and ‘fight back’ against Putin’s draft if they ‘want to survive’


Welcome to Reddit,the front page of the internet.Become a Redditorand join one of thousands of communities.×[–]uiucecethrowaway999 141 points142 points143 points 2 days ago* (20 children)It’s far worse than a Vietnam, and in more relevant comparison, far worse than the Soviet Union’s Afghan misadventures. The US military was never defeated…

Chinese state media claims U.S. NSA infiltrated country’s telecommunications networks


[–]asdfasdfasdfas11111 722 points723 points724 points 2 days ago*2 (154 children)That’s not really what the leak revealed though. The NSA does full stack intelligence on foreign soil, which includes actual comms/payloads, metadata, network information, geolocation, ELINT, SIGINT etc. Basically anything they can do to listen or locate. The vast majority…