Why you need camDown

Why You Need camDown camDown is a software tool that helps protect the personal privacy of people like you by temporarily disabling your webcam. A webcam allows you to have face-to-face online communications using your computer. Today, most laptops come with integrated cameras, known as […]

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Virginia as Bellwether on Wokeism – Bacon’s Rebellion

Bellwether by Phil Leigh Like during the Civil War, Virginia is becoming a key battleground state in the present conflict between the Woke Agenda and Traditionalists. Since the state’s Traditionalists were among the Americans most committed to settling differences with mutual respect and compromise, racists and feminist demagogues…

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Brian Laundrie confession claims Gabby Petito’s death was mercy killing – WMTV – NBC15

Brian Laundrie confession claims Gabby Petito's death was mercy killing  WMTV – NBC15Brian Laundrie admitted to killing Gabby Petito in his notebook: report  New York Post Brian Laundrie's Notebook Revealed, Admits Killing Gabby Petito  TMZBrian Laundrie notebook confession revealed: ‘Couldn’t go on without’ Gabby Petito  WFLALawyer releases pages from Brian Laundrie's notebook…

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Brian Laundrie confession claims Gabby Petito’s death was mercy killing – KSLA

Brian Laundrie confession claims Gabby Petito's death was mercy killing  KSLA

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Taliban begs US to unfreeze Afghan govt. assets to help respond to earthquake that killed 1,000 people


I know it’s just an easy jab, but for anyone that might take this seriously: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/v09uy3/afghan_women_protest_in_kabul_demand_education/iagwxv4/ ” I didn’t go into detail about it, but it really isn’t needed. The differences are glaring to anyone paying any attention to basic logic and facts. But the gist is: Ukraine…

Elise Stefanik Pushes ‘Parent’s Bill Of Rights’ For Service Members Dealing With Woke Education Abroad – Daily Caller


Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik proposed a parental education rights amendment to a defense bill after multiple examples of critical race theory popped up in Department of Defense Education Activity schools, the Daily Caller has learned.The proposal amends the National Defense Authorization Act and “reinforces that service members with…

Michigan Republican’s bill would make it a felony to provide abortions in the state – The American Independent


Michigan state Rep. Steve Carra, who is running for Congress with Donald Trump’s endorsement, also wants to make January 6 a statewide ‘Remembrance Day’.In the latest move in Michigan’s battle over reproductive rights, Republican lawmakers in the state introduced a bill on Wednesday that would make providing an abortion…