Why you need camDown

Why You Need camDown camDown is a software tool that helps protect the personal privacy of people like you by temporarily disabling your webcam. A webcam allows you to have face-to-face online communications using your computer. Today, most laptops come with integrated cameras, known as […]

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Oklahoma state superintendent unveils incentive-based teacher pay … – The Lion

Oklahoma’s top education official scrapped an across-the-board pay raise for public school teachers and instead proposed rewarding the state’s best teachers. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters also promised to keep radical ideologies and inappropriate books out of the classroom. The incentive pay plan will cost $150…

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COLUMN: Stoking the fires of wokeness | Columns … – Tahlequah Daily Press

When the talk turns to left-wing "woke" ideology on college campuses, I sometimes say I was there at the creation. I basically resigned my first academic job over it. Clearly it was quit or get fired - basically for having the wrong perceived identity and a congenital resistance…

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Russia-affiliated journalist paid for Quran burning in Sweden – I24NEWS

For the people at the bottom of the thread who keep repeating the same questions I made a FAQ Q: how can they do nothing about what is obviously a crime? (It’s not a crime) Q: How can it not be a crime? (Because it’s an expression that…

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Russia fumes NATO ‘trying to inflict defeat on us’ after tanks sent to Ukraine


Welcome to Reddit,the front page of the internet.Become a Redditorand join one of thousands of communities.×[–]DoomGoober 225 points226 points227 points 2 days ago (35 children)Destroying billions of dollars of Russian field equipment: check. Destroying large portions of Russia’s air force: Check. Killing Russian military commanders: Check. Killing Wagner group…

DeSantis attacked as ‘authoritarian’ for saying teachers should take away cellphones during class – Fox News


MSNBC columnist and New York University professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat was mocked for attacking Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., as a dangerous authoritarian for suggesting that teachers should confiscate phones during class.DeSantis announced new measures on Monday to combat critical race theory in education while also protecting educators’ rights to…