Why you need camDown

Why You Need camDown camDown is a software tool that helps protect the personal privacy of people like you by temporarily disabling your webcam. A webcam allows you to have face-to-face online communications using your computer. Today, most laptops come with integrated cameras, known as […]

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How internet sleuthing in unsolved University of Idaho slayings can be ‘extremely dangerous’ – NBC News

How internet sleuthing in unsolved University of Idaho slayings can be 'extremely dangerous'  NBC News

Posted on 2 days ago

EU threatens to seize €300bn from Russia to rebuild Ukraine.

[–]Kissaki0 8 points9 points10 points 2 hours ago (0 children)It requires due process. Setting the precedent of giving away other nations money undermines nations autonomy. Bypassing due legal process would mean less trust in fair law, and more arbitrary power use. Bypassing the collection and discussion of strong reasons…

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Illinois Radical Parent Activist Has Hate Group Ties, History of Racist Posts – Southern Poverty Law Center

Content warning: This article contains hateful language and a graphic image depicting a racist caricature. Reader discretion is advised. Forgiato Blow (left) and Terry Newsome at the "God Save America Tour" in Lisle, Illinois, on Oct. 9. (Photo from Gettr) Terry Newsome, 62, of Darien, Illinois, leads Illinois…

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School boards need to let the professionals teach – theday.com


School board elections across the country and here in Connecticut are veering into disturbing and dangerous territory, threatening students’ educational futures and teachers’ academic freedom.Disinformation campaigns — fueled largely by radical conservative groups whipped up by anger over school mask mandates, nostalgia for better times that never existed…

Christian schools note growing enrollment as parents seek options to curriculum, pandemic disputes at public schools – Colorado Springs Gazette


The fear, grief and tumult of COVID-19 brought an unforeseen blessing for Christian education.A difference in pandemic practices created what Roland DeRenzo, superintendent of Colorado Springs Christian Schools, calls “a wave of enthusiasm for recruitment season.”Parents noticed that the pandemic’s typical seesawing between live classroom instruction and remote…